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Serpent in the Staglands Download PC

  • Developer: Whalenought Studios
  • Release date: 2015
  • Platform: Windows (PC)
  • Genre: RPG
  • Version: 18
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    Download Serpent in the Staglands Free for PC Torrent

    Serpent in the Staglands is an old-school isometric computer role-playing game developed by independent game developer Whalenought Studios for Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux. Using the tagline “a 90s CRPG in every way but the release date”, The game resembles several classic games such as Fallout, Baldur's Gate, and Darklands. The game is notable for being "brutally old-school", lacking several features seen in modern RPGs such as introductory or tutorial levels, automatically updated journals and quest-markers. It also has a distinct pixelated graphics style. The game uses the Unity Technologies' Unity engine.

    In Serpent of the Staglands, you assume the role of Necholai, a lesser God who has descended to earth to take part in a festival in his honor. However, once the festivities are over, some unseen force prevents you from leaving your mortal form and returning to your home. Therefore, you disguise yourself as a spice merchant, trying to move unnoticed throughout the land in an endeavor to find out who is blocking your passage to the astral planes to finally reclaim your immortality.

    The game was the subject of a successful Kickstarter campaign raising $28,058 from 1,092 backers. It was released via the Whalenought website as well as GOG.com, Steam and Humble Store on 28 May 2015. Josh Sawyer and Feargus Urquhart from Obsidian Entertainment were among the backers. An expansion pack is currently under development.

    Despite initially being "almost completely ignored by the specialized press", favorable reviews and impressions are starting to appear.


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    Serpent in the Staglands System Requirements

    • Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10
    • Processor: 2.4 GHz Pentium IV or AMD Athlon
    • RAM: 3 GB
    • Video Card: 512 MB
    • Hard disk space: 3 GB

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