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  • Developer: Amplitude Studios
  • Release date: 2017
  • Platform: Windows (PC)
  • Genre: Turn-based strategy
  • Version: 1.4.13.S5 + 19 DLC
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    Endless Space 2 is a turn-based strategy, science fiction 4X game developed by Amplitude Studios. It is the sequel to Endless Space, which was released in 2012. The game had been made available through Steam's early access program since October 2016. It was released on May 18, 2017.


    At the beginning of the game, the player can choose from one of several races, each with their own perks and traits. They are then given control of a fledgling empire, which they must expand by conquering systems. Each system has up to 5 planets, with their own environments, climates, stats (i.e. production, food, etc.), and sometimes anomalies. Anomalies can be explored using an explorer ship, and give buffs or debuffs to the entire system. Planet stats decide how effective planets are at what, while environments decide whether a planet is colonizable or not. The ability to colonize different environments is unlocked through research. Each planet can also be given a specialization, which give buffs, with additional buffs being granted based on climate. Finally, the player can construct different structures, which give system-wide buffs and can be built an unlimited number of times, with a few exceptions. To reach different systems, players must follow established star lines, unless they have special technologies researched.

    Research is key to progressing through the game. It unlocks new constructions, ship hulls, weapons, modules, upgrades, tactics, abilities and other useful things. The game has currently 10 factions (including DLC ones).clarification needed There are four different categories of research trees: military, science and technology, business and trade, and empire development. Each tree has four levels, which are only unlockable by researching different subjects in the level before. Politics are also important for different reasons. Each race has different parties, such as industrialists and scientists, which can have different statuses, such as entrenched and established. There are also different types of government.

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    Endless Space 2 System Requirements

    • Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
    • Processor: i3
    • RAM: 4 GB
    • Video Card: AMD Radeon 5800
    • Hard disk space: 13 GB

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