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Revenge of the Titans Download PC

  • Developer: Puppy Games
  • Release date: 2010
  • Platform: Windows (PC)
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Version: 1.80.23
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    Download Revenge of the Titans Free for PC Torrent

    Revenge of the Titans is a tower defense/real-time strategy video game developed and published by Puppy Games. It was released for one of the five games included in the second Humble Indie Bundle in 2010. As a result of the success of the Humble Indie Bundle sale the source code of Revenge of the Titans was released. On March 16, 2011, the game was released on Steam.

    The game received positive reviews from critics, who commended its art style, gameplay, and writing.


    Revenge of the Titans plays like a traditional tower defense game but with the caveat that enemies ignore or attempt to avoid the towers that you place, increasing the difficulty. The goal for each level is to prevent the command center from being destroyed by aliens by protecting it with turrets and other defenses. The player has access to extensive research trees that they can use to develop different types of defenses against enemies.

    In addition to the normal alien enemies, there are also large alien bosses that present a greater challenge and force the player to change strategies.

    The game is created in a style that combines retro pixel art with modern aesthetics.


    Revenge of the Titans is a direct sequel to Titan Attacks!. After successfully stopping an alien race from the moon Titan from destroying Earth via their spacecraft, the aliens return for revenge, launching an all-out ground invasion. The player is the unseen commander of a military force that must stop the new invasion and then deal with the alien threat once and for all, by decimating them on Titan itself.

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    Revenge of the Titans System Requirements

    • Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP / 7
    • Processor: 1,8 GHz
    • RAM: 512 MB
    • Video Card: 128 MB
    • Hard disk space: 120 MB

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