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Legendary Tales: Stolen Life Download PC

  • Developer: Five-BN
  • Release date: 2020
  • Platform: Windows (PC)
  • Genre: Games 2020 / Puzzle
  • Version: Full Game
  • Tablet: Not required
  • Type: License
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    Download Legendary Tales: Stolen Life Free for PC Torrent

    From the brilliant minds behind some of the most beloved hidden object series, Darkness and Flame and Lost Lands, comes a new thrilling adventure – Legendary Tales: Stolen Life. Lucia and Ulf have always kept each other company ever since their parents disappeared. 

    But on Ulf’s eighteenth birthday, he started changing into a werewolf! Trying to grasp with this sudden life-changing news and with a group of witches on her trials, can Lucia survive her first solo adventure in unfamiliar lands and learn the secrets that her parents have been keeping from her?

    If there is one thing HOPA fans can always rely on FIVE-BN Games for, it is a fantastic, well-told storyline. Legendary Tales: Stolen Life packs one of the most gripping and exciting plots the hidden object genre has seen this year. 

    Not only is it complex and thrilling, but it is also incredibly well-paced and its fascinating backstory gives it even more layers.

    Moreover, the game’s breathtaking visuals help bring the story to life. With sceneries that are rich in detail and depth and atmospheric soundtracks that never once lose their footing, Legendary Tales: Stolen Life is a truly immersive experience. 

    While the overwhelming majority of the game is a paragon of beauty, a slight hiccup would be that some of the character animations are very mannequin-like and can make the characters look quite unnatural and creepy.

    Although this is a completely new series, the vision and the tone that FIVE-BN Games has for it is distinct and clear. As a fantasy game, Legendary Tales: Stolen Life is surprisingly light on the magic and the bling, but focuses more on delivering a memorable storyline coupled with high-quality gameplay.

    The adventure part of the game might be its easiest and most predictable aspect, but the developer takes no shortcuts with the hidden object scenes and the puzzles. The hidden object scenes are usually progressive, layered, and creative. As for the puzzles, they are thought-provoking and cleverly tied into the storyline.

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    Legendary Tales: Stolen Life System Requirements

    • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7/8/10
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz
    • RAM: 2048 MB
    • Video Card: DirectX 9.0 or higher
    • Hard disk space: 0.94 GB

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