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Sword of the Stars Download PC

  • Developer: Kerberos Productions
  • Release date: 2006
  • Platform: Windows (PC)
  • Genre: Turn-based strategy
  • Version: 1.8.1
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    Sword of the Stars is a space 4X game developed by Kerberos Productions. In the game the player chooses one of four unique races to form an interstellar empire and conquer the galaxy. In order to win, the player must expand territory by colonizing new star systems, exploit the resources available to their colonies, design and build starships, and improve their empire's technology through research and strategy.

    Sword of the Stars consists of turn-based strategic gameplay highlighted by real-time battles. Each of the four races has a unique method of strategic movement among other differentiators. Also the game provides a high amount of randomness from technology availability, to map features, to large scale independent threats. Sword of the Stars is fully multiplayer-capable allowing players to leave and enter the game at will. Finally it features a detailed ship design system and the simulation of combat using a physics-based engine instead of probability calculation, provides a large variety in combat engagements.


    The game is turn-based with battles played out in real-time, similar to the Total War series of strategy games. In the latest version of the game, there are six different alien races to choose from, each with its unique form of faster-than-light travel and preferred technologies. These races include humans, insect-like Hivers, dolphin-like Liir, reptilian Tarkas, marsupial Zuul, and the crow-like Morrigi. Each of the races has been supplied with a detailed history and back story that adds flavor to the game.

    The goal with Sword of the Stars was to create a relatively fast-paced multiplayer-focused game. To that end, there are timers in place to limit the duration of strategic turns, as well as the duration of the battles, which are fought in real-time. When a player leaves, he or she is replaced by an AI that is given specific orders as to how to continue play. Any game can be saved and then later continued, both on-line and off-line.

    Ship design and combat

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    Sword of the Stars System Requirements

    • Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP
    • Processor: Pentium 4 1,5 GHz or Athlon XP
    • RAM: 512 MB
    • Video Card: 64 MB
    • Hard disk space: 2.4 GB

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