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Albion Download PC

  • Developer: Blue Byte
  • Release date: 1995
  • Platform: Windows (PC)
  • Genre: RPG
  • Version: Full Game
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    Download Albion Free for PC Torrent

    Albion is a single player role-playing video game developed and published by Blue Byte for MS-DOS in ‹The template Vgy is being considered for deletion.› 1995. It was originally released in German, then translated to English for international release. The game features a science fiction setting that incorporates traditional fantasy elements, such as magic. The game was intended to be developed for the Amiga computer, but was developed for MS-DOS instead when Commodore become bankrupt.

    The game was re-released in 2015 on Gog.com with support for Windows.


    In the year 2230, the gigantic, interstellar space ship Toronto emerges from hyperspace at the edge of a distant planetary system. The ship's owners, the multinational DDT corporation, believe that there are rich deposits of raw materials on one of the planets in the system, and the Toronto is to mine the whole planet's resources at once. The player is cast in the role of Tom Driscoll, the pilot of the exploration shuttle sent to verify the status of the planet. His shuttle malfunctions, forcing him to make a crash landing. Tom discovers that the data that described the planet as a desert world was false. Albion is a world teeming with life, secrets, surprises, and magic. It is inhabited by the sentient, tall and slender, feline-like humanoids called Iskai and the many divisions of Celtic humans that traveled magically to the planet in their era. It is up to Driscoll to alert the crew of the Toronto to the true situation to save Albion and its inhabitants.


    Albion is a role-playing video game and features a number of gameplay elements typical of that genre. The player controls a party of up to six characters, each with their own skills and abilities. With these characters they may explore the game world, fight enemies, and engage in conversation or trade. Characters earn experience points by defeating enemies or by solving certain puzzles. When a character has sufficient experience points they will advance in level, increasing their maximum life and spell points. They will also receive training points which can be expended at a trainer to permanently increase one or more of their skills.

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    Albion System Requirements

    • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7
    • Processor: Pentium 100
    • RAM: 16 mb
    • Video Card: any
    • Hard disk space: 130 MB

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