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Rise of the Triad 2013 Download PC

  • Developer: Interceptor Entertainment
  • Release date: 2013
  • Platform: Windows (PC)
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Version: 1.5
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    Rise of the Triad is a first-person shooter developed by Interceptor Entertainment and published by Apogee Software for Microsoft Windows in 2013. The game is a remake of the original Rise of the Triad: Dark War published by Apogee in 1995.


    The gameplay has been touted as a throwback to classic first-person shooters of the 1990s such as the original Rise of the Triad. It features non-linear level design, a high rate of player movespeed, multiple playable characters and an arsenal of over the top explosive weaponry recreated from the original game. The game consists of 20 levels (plus four secret levels) spread across four episodes as well as an online multiplayer component which features Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag game modes.


    The plot is nearly identical to that of the original Rise of the Triad: Dark War wherein a team of special operatives, known as the H.U.N.T. (High-risk United Nations Task-force) is sent to San Nicolas Island to investigate terrorist activity taking place. When their boat is destroyed by patrols, the team soon learns that the 'Triad' cult plans to nuke nearby Los Angeles. The operatives, now unable to return from whence they came, are left to fight their way into the heart of the island to put a stop to the Triad's activities once and for all.


    Development of Rise of the Triad began in January 2012. Originally planned as an HD remake, Slipgate Studios instead decided to assemble a global virtual team to begin a full re-imagining of the original. The game was revealed for the first time at QuakeCon 2012 and released one year later at QuakeCon 2013. It is said development was completed on an extremely tight budget and that much of said budget went toward acquiring licenses for Apogee Software's Rise of the Triad IP and Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3.

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    Rise of the Triad 2013 System Requirements

    • Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP / 7 / 8
    • Processor: 2.4 GHz Dual Core
    • RAM: 2 GB
    • Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 3870 or NVIDIA 8800 GT
    • Hard disk space: 8 GB

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